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Things To Know About Feeding A Hermit Crab

Gone are the days when only cats and dogs were the ideal pick for pets. In the present times people are going gaga over exotic pets. Adding to the list of famous exotics pets, one name that's becoming a hot favorite option for many is Hermit crab. If you have a hermit crab as pet or are considering petting one soon, it is important for you to pay attention to feeding it reasonably.

In case you are just a beginner in petting a hermit crab, it's always proposed to choose just for commercialized food. Such food has nourishment and all the vital ingredients such as calcium, antioxidant and many other as needed for the optimal growth of the pet. Such packaged foods are easily available at the pet stores.

Are you the types who are skeptical of consumption of packaged and commercialized food? In case yes, there are a lot of people like you who avoid feeding packaged food to the pet, thinking that it could cause adverse effects on health. After all it's an accepted fact that many times food brands for human beings trigger allergic reaction like acne breakouts owing to its low quality.

It's vital to understand that not all food brands could bring unfavorable effect. Simply pick reputed brands and you'll not ought to worry about any allergic reaction in pet. Packaged food for pets is generally accessible in two forms- canned and pellet form. Make sure that you feed only crushed pellets to your pet, particularly if the crab is very small.

It is not just human beings who require a healthy dose of calcium; these crawly pets too need calcium in generous amounts. To meet the calcium requirements of your pet, you could take into account feeding him with cuttlebone. Cuttlebone is normally available in the bird section of pet stores. You could give cuttlebone to your pet as it is or add it in shredded form to his food.

A few other excellent calcium sources for your pet could be crushed oyster shell and coral sand. Crushed egg shells could also supply your critter with the much required calcium. To use crushed egg shells, you should boil them, dry them and then crush them before feeding them to your pet. In case this appears to be too much of a headache for you, then you could consider using ready to use egg shells.

While you feed your critter, it is essential that you keep the food covered. You do not want the food of your pets to be infested by rodents and other pests. You could contemplate keeping the food in air tight jars. Otherwise, you can also use plastic covers that are supposed to cover the food.

Keep the above mentioned suggestions in mind and you'll certainly manage to feed your Hermit Crab in the proper way.


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